Jennie-May Banks

Sheepdog Yoga supports first responders and human service professionals in addressing occupational stress. We arrive fully equipped at your door, and provide yoga classes tailored to your group’s needs and culture. Our expertise in trauma allows us to modify your yoga classes as required.

Working in and around Orillia, Ontario, Canada, we serve:

First Responders

Human Services

Anyone seeking to:



address compassion fatigue


Social Workers

recover from injury or illness


Nurses and Doctors

manage mobility challenges

911 Operators

Personal Care Workers

improve athletic performance


Sheepdog Yoga was founded by Jennie-May Banks to provide relief from occupational stress and physical tension, in order to promote health and well-being in personal and professional life. We are especially committed to supporting the sheepdogs of humanity: those who protect, intervene in crisis, heal, nurture, and help others in many different ways.

Our clients are first responders including police, firefighters, paramedics and 911 operators, and human service professionals including teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, and personal care workers. All of these professionals give much of themselves, often at personal risk and expense. We believe they need and deserve restorative attention, to bolster their resilience and optimism and support them in their work.

We also bring yoga to anyone seeking to improve their well-being, recover from injury or illness, manage mobility challenges, or improve their athletic performance.

We don’t ask you to come to us and learn yoga on our terms. Instead we go fully equipped to your door, and provide yoga classes tailored to your group’s particular needs and culture.

When we began this work, we were inspired by the soldiers who stand ready to protect us citizens. Our concept of sheepdogs was then expanded to include police and other first responders, who also protect us. Finally, those who teach, heal, care and intervene for others also give a great deal to others and face high levels of occupational stress and compassion fatigue. We thank all these different kinds of sheepdogs, and stand ready to serve them in their turn.