Benefits of Yoga

Summary of Benefits

Yoga originates in India, but has spread rapidly throughout Western countries due to its significant physical and mental benefits:

using yoga to cope with stress

• relieves stress and anxiety and increases calmness
• provides methods to counter stress responses
• improves body awareness and reduces muscle tension
• improves flexibility, balance, range of motion, strength and breathing
• improves posture and joint health; reduces spinal compression; improved
skeletal alignment reduces many types of back pain

Benefits for Shiftworkers

• Sleeping can often be a challenge for shift workers. Practicing yoga and mindful meditation can help one calm the mind and body for more restful sleep. Yoga can also help restore the digestive system and central nervous system and achieve a more balanced life.

Benefits for Teachers

• Administrative pressures, anxiety and stress have become the norm for many teachers. Yoga and mindful meditation can help calm the automatic nervous system and bring more balance to a day of chaos. Yoga can also help release the tension that the body has been storing and holding on to.

Benefits for Athletes

• Mind-body awareness activities such as yoga can help an athlete develop endurance, stamina and improve overall performance.
• Yoga aims to re-balance the body in the areas of core stability, flexibility, strength, balance and breath control.

Benefits for Drivers

• Yoga can help drivers with pains and challenges often associated with driving – tight hamstrings, compressed lower back, stiff shoulders and neck pain.
• Yoga aims to re-balance body alignment, ease pressure in sore areas and develop flexibility while building muscle capacity.
• Yoga also teaches practical poses and stretching exercises to use when taking breaks.