What Clients Say

As a relative newcomer to yoga, I’ve found Jennie-May’s yoga most beneficial to me. She encourages good technique and instills purpose and mindfulness in each pose. I never feel that we are rushing to get through a series of poses. I’ve seen gains in my flexibility and strength in a short period of time, especially in my lower back and hips. My husband says I seem less stressed, and I’ve been sleeping more soundly. Thank you, Jennie-May, for bringing an appreciation of yoga to my life.
– Dr. Kennedy – family physician

Since I’ve started yoga with Jennie-May, I notice that I clench my teeth less and breathe better when stretching after a workout or running. And my chiropractor has noticed a difference in my flexibility during appointments.
– Paulette – teacher

Yoga has helped me to achieve a greater awareness of the connection between my mind and body. The deep breathing techniques, mindfulness and intense routines together have reduced the amount of tension in my neck and tightness in all my muscles. I am grateful to Jennie-May for introducing me to all the benefits yoga has to offer, and will continue to incorporate it into my daily life.
– Nicole – teacher

I feel many benefits from my classes with Sheepdog Yoga. As someone who runs and does other aerobic workouts for exercise, I’ve noticed that my body is more limber and less tight during running sessions. In the past I’ve had lower-back issues, partly due to long periods of working at a desk; but yoga nicely stretches out my back and has helped me put those issues to rest.
– Erin – professor

I look forward to our yoga class after working at a computer most of the day. I’ve already noticed greater strength in my wrists. The outdoor classes in natural surroundings provide an amazing experience. The encouragement and advice provided by Jennie-May is very motivating. It’s a great way to slow down after a busy day.
– Anne E.

Jennie-May in yard